Cine Club : Music ! 7 Short Films

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Wednesday, 21st June 2017 06:30 PM to 09:00 PM

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Cine Club : Music ! 7 Short Films

Join the Event | Wednesday 21st June SHORT FILMS on the theme : MUSIC for the WORL MUSIC DAY 2017 ------------------------ PROGRAM --------------------- DJANGO REINHARDT by Paul Paviot - France - 2015 - 1958 - Length : 22 min - Genre : Documentary A short documentary and by the great gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt, with a few of his famous tunes, Interpreted by Stephane Grappelli, Henri Crolla, the Fol brothers and the brother of this famous character. MARIA, CALLAS by Lyia Terki - 2013 - Length : 13 min - Genre : Documentary Story based on interviews, an imaginary confession told as the first person of the opera singer Maria Callas, confirmed by comments from the Italian film directors Luchino Visconti and Pier Paolo Pasolini. Photographed in New York and in Turkey (Istanbul and Cappadocia), the movie also contains archives coming from The Scala of Milan and from the photographic collection of Mario Tursi. LE LUTHIER (INSTITUT SAINTE GENEVIÈVE) by Vincent Debuire - 2013 - Length : 4 min - Genre : Animation This is "Le luthier - Vincent Debuire (Promo 8)" by DMA Institut Sainte Geneviève LE SON DES FLAMMES (LISAA) by Julia Robin, Vincent Gibaut, Victor Lacotte, Alizée Laffiteau, Charlotte Guittet, Yann Leroy - 2014 - Length : 3 min - Genre: Animation 'Le son des Flammes' is a short movie by LISSA 2014 students, about an old kora player purifying a sick forest through his music. WIPEOUT by Amine Berrada - 2013 - Length : 7 min Graduation Film from ‘La Fémis’ Experiencing trance, individually and in a group, to the rhythm of electronic music. ‘WipeOut’ depicts clubbers’ ascension to ecstasy state with digital aesthetic language. MODULATIONS by Delphine Abomigliano - 2013 - Length : 20 min - Genre : Documentary Freeman is a rapper. As many young people of his generation and those younger, a crucial question arrised: how to live on his passion and tmake it out there, how to break through the hip-pop movement all on his own? It is around the creation of a song, surrounded with his friends artists, rappers, reggaeman and beatmaker, that he deals with this question and thinks about what music has brought to his life. BEAUTY AND THE BEAT by Yann Le Quellec - 2012 - Length : 33 min - Genre : Fiction Produced by White Light Films & Finance Rosalba, a young tourist guide, suffers from a strange ailment: the very least melody sets off in her gesticulation and she beings to dance, as suddenly as uncontrollably. Despite her ruses to hide her eccentricity, this uncontrollable body might well seduce her surprising co-worker, Alain. ----------------------------------------------------------------- About of the World Music Day ----------------------------------------------------------------- THE FÊTE DE LA MUSIQUE: A WORLD MUSICAL EVENT The Fête de la Musique was fixed to a unique(only) and symbolic date, on June 21st, day of the summer solstice. Big(great) free popular event(demonstration) and open to all the musicians, the amateurs of any levels or the professionals, it celebrates the alive music and emphasizes the scale and the diversity of the musical practices, as well as all the musical genres. She(it) addresses all the public and contributes to familiarize in all the musical expressions the young people and the least young of any social conditions. HISTORY OF THE FÊTE DE LA MUSIQUE In October, 1981, Jack Lang, Minister of Culture, names(appoints) Maurice Fleuret at the post of director of the music and the dance. Maurice Fleuret applies his reflections to the musical practice and his evolution and puts the foundations of a new conception(design): " the music will be everywhere and the concert nowhere »! He(it) evokes a "revolution" in the field of the music, which tends to make meet itself all the musics – without hierarchy of kind(genre) nor origin – in a municipality look for of what he calls « a sound liberation, a drunkenness, a dizziness which(who) are more authentic, more intimate, more eloquent than the art ». In 1982, a big(great) survey on the cultural practices of the French people is led by the service(department) of the studies and the research(search) for the Ministry of Culture and reveals that five million people, whom a young person on two, play a musical instrument while the organized musical events(demonstrations) until now concern only Frenchman's minority. Therefore, Jack Lang, Christian Dupavillon, architect-scenographer, member of his(her) Office(Departmental staff) and Maurice Fleuret deduct from it that the landscape of the musical practice in France remains to discover. Then, they imagine a big(great) popular event(demonstration) which allows all the musicians to express itself and be known. This is the way the first Fête de la Musique is thrown(launched) on June 21st, 1982, symbolic day of the longest, summer solstice of the year in the hemisphere the North.
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