PASSIONSTREET is an online activity based networking community, events ticketing and e-commerce platform. The purpose of making PASSIONSTREET available for collaborating with like minded passionate individuals, experts, groups and organizations who share a common goal; take part in Events & Workshops, Wellness Programs, Adventure Tourism, Sports Activity Campaign, Promote & Sell products and services online.


Anyone who is 13 years of age can become member of PASSIONSTREET.

How it is different from FB or other social media?

Unlike in FB and most of other social media where you create your diversified networking community; PASSIONSTREET provides predefined and more focused community driven networking platform. It is more targeted and you don’t see anything and everything appearing on your page. Here you choose your passion communities and remain focused on your activities.

What are reward points?

For certain activities in PASSIONSTREET, the members are rewarded with certain points. Each activity has a fixed reward point; which members accumulate by engaging them in such activities.

What do I do with these reward points?

The accumulated reward points can be redeemed for paid services in PASSIONSTREET. Eg. By joining paid events, workshops, adventure trips, or buying some products from online stores etc.

Who are experts?

Experts are individuals, who have achieved professional excellence in the field of work they pursue.

Can I be an expert in PASSIONSTREET?

Yes! you can, provided you support your candidature in the field of expertise with awards and recognitions you have achieved. The registration of an expert is either by invitation or through approval from PASSIONSTREET admin.

What is group in PASSIONSTREET and who can create group?

Group is a subset of parent community and only within the passion community. Eg., I may create a cycling community by calling it a name, say “MTB Group” and inviting members who love mountain biking from the parent community, which is CYCLING. Which means, it is a sub-community within the parent community controlled by some settings. Any member of the parent community can create a Group.

How many groups a user can create?

A registered user can create any number of groups, but the group category and its purpose should be aligned to available passion community in the platform. Eg., I can not create a group for discussing politics because there is no presence of political community in the platform.

What are events and workshops?

Events and Workshops are pre-defined activities of some importance that take place for a specific period of time at a specified location or venue organized by an individual, a group of individuals or by an organization. There are many features in the event and workshop, which makes it a unique proposition for user to experience it.

Who can create events and workshops in PASSIONSTREET platform?

Any registered member, expert, group, member partner or an event organizer can create events and workshops. The participation in the events and workshops can be either free or by paying a participation / joining fee, which the organizer decides.

Is there any fee to be paid to create events and workshops?

Yes, if you create an event or workshop where participants are required to pay joining / participation fee, which means the event or workshop is commercial in nature. The organizer is required to pay a minimal fee to host commercial events and workshops in PASSIONSTREET platform. The fees are mentioned in the pricing section or in the terms of use section in the platform. The fees are charged for using the payment collection (payment gateway) service of PASSIONSTREET through its trusted partner.

Who can become partner?

Any Individual, group and or organizations, who hold a commercial interest in using the platform can become partner.

What are the advantages of becoming a partner?

Any Individual, group and or organizations, who hold a commercial interest in using the platform can become partner. Being a partner, you can have your own microsite within PASSIONSTREET platform, manage your own members / users including collection of membership fee, event & workshop hosting fee at a special rate. Promote and sell your product & services using PASSIONSTREET payment gateway service. Above all, as a partner you may be hired to execute PASSIONSTREET corporate programs and other events if you fit into.

What are corporate programs?

The corporate programs are designed keeping the corporate community in mind. The objective of these programs are targeted to the wellness of the employees in an organization so that they always remain focused, motivated, exhibit team work and move towards a common goal to achieve in the organization. The programs are customizable depending on the objective and goals of an organization and are mentored by subject-mater experts and certified professionals, who create an unforgettable experience for the participants.

What is campaign management?

Campaign management is an online tool to define rules and create activity based campaign on the fly. ** The campaign manager is yet to go live, so detailed functioning of campaign management tool will follow soon.

Can I store my workout logs and track?

Yes, currently your cycling, running and trekking workout logs can be stored and tracked. You need to enter data manually, but parameters like average speed, calories burn etc. will be calculated by the application provided data are entered correctly. We are working to make this process simple so that you can sync logs from third party application or device.


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