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MY FIRST TIME.(feat.Tathagata_das)

This is my video upload on youtube!!!! Hope you all will like it..please like share and comment and let me!!

Great! Find more dancing auditions at https://auditionsdekho.com/category/upcoming-dance-auditions-dates-venues/

HOP - House of Performers - How to register? - REWARDS & RECOGNITION

As the adage says ' Art is the expression of the soul', we Indians are emotional mortals who like to express our emotions from the heart. We have not kept an...

Hritaal Dance Centre Kolkata based dance company running for the last fifteen years,following on Indian Contemporary based on Uday Shankar Gharana & Folk forms directed and choreographed by Jaydeep Palit.
Visit us at www.hritaaldancecentre.com


Follow your passion for Dancing & share your experiences about Dance,Indian Classical Dance,Western Classical Dance,Modern Dance,Folk Dance,Contemporary Dance
Indian Classical Dance
Western Classical Dance
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