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Time (Pink Floyd) by a street musician in Rome

Guy singing and playing the guitar of the famous song Time, by Pink Floyd in front of the Pantheon, Rome, Italy.
#Music#Pink Floyd
Best of The Eagles!!

Hotel California Solo - The Eagles - Acoustic Guitar Cover

This my acoustic version of the legendary Hotel California Solo by The Eagles. Please subscribe if you liked the video! -
#Music#Hotel California #The Eagles
One of my favourites!!

George Michael - Careless Whisper Fingerstyle w/ Guitar Tabs

Guitar Tabs: A tribute in memory of George Michael. My gear: Flamenco Guitar used in this video: http://a...
#Music#George michael#acoustictrench

Blind Girl - Tumpa Kumari From Ranchi singing Sun Raha hai na tu of Aashiqui 2 #ShreyaGhoshal - YouTube

#ShareToPromoteTalent A video of a blind girl from Ranchi has put social media in meltdown. India’s got talent but who will broadcast this blind girl’s talen...
#Music#Indian Music#hiddentalent


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