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Another runner from Cheil, Gaurav Dutt Sharma. Welcome on board. #CheilRunner please come and join this 100% Charity Event and support.
We welcome another #CheilRunner, Krishna Rai who will be running 10K; looking forward more runner from Cheil to the event.
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How Love Helped Jan Lose 50 kg (110 lb) and Control His Diabetes - Runtastic Blog

My name is Jan, I’m 39 years old and I come from Korbach, Germany. Just one year ago, I weighed more than 150 kg (330 lb). I wasn’t always overweight: about ten years ago, I started eating more and more to compensate for how miserable I was in my marriage. Show article
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Breathing techniques!!

How to Breathe While Running? The Best Techniques!

Breathing techniques for running! Learn how to perform deep belly breathing and some rules of thumb for different distances and intensities.
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Burst training is a type of workout that requires exercising at 90-100 percent of your maximum heart rate followed by 30-60 seconds of lower intensity exercising or resting.


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